Sunday, January 21, 2018

The Destination

Hello!!!  Overall I'm feeling better and stronger but I can't seem to shake the cough which makes my throat sore and greatly interferes with my sleep.  If I don't talk much or do much it's not too bad until I lie down and then it rears it's ugly head.  I do Praise God, though, that the fever and aches are gone.  I'm sure the rest will improve soon.

In my last post I mentioned getting painty.  I've finished that project and am sharing it today.  I even took a bunch of pictures and you can follow most everything just by looking at them therefore I won't state the obvious but will make notes where they are needed.

I started with black cardstock and I apply Fresco Finish Paints using Seth Apters monoprinting technique where you brush the paint onto a piece of cardstock and then press it onto your substrate.  I had seen this shown a long time ago but wasn't sure I was remembering exactly how it was done but then yesterday Leandra of PaperArtsy shared a Facebook Live showing Seth demoing in their booth at Creativation and that technique was part of it.  I've shared it to my timeline on Facebook and if possible you should check it out.  

I used all Seth Apter stamps from his first PaperArtsy set when creating my background.

I have lots of old embossing powders and I pulled out one called Celedon
from the Powder Keg.

I took some Tango, which is a translucent, and mixed one drop of Chalk with it so it would be more opaque and used a junk card to add marks.

I decided to top that grungy background with a bright, Tracy Scott flower (set #9).

I cut the stem and leaves from a scrap of white cardstock.  As you can see, I've been using the sewing machine again.  I seem to go through streaks using it all the time or not at all, lol. 

I was fun to play!!!  I didn't allow myself to overthink and second guess my choices (yes, I do that A LOT) but to just go with them as they happened. 

Thanks for following along!!!

Hugs, Wanda 


Autumn Clark - SewPaperPaint said...

This is amazing Wanda! So incredible and artsy! Hugs, Autumn

Seth said...

This is so beautiful Wanda. I love the colors and how all the different, layered elements work so well together.