Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Sara's Stamping Techniques

Hello!!!  Today I'm sharing a review for the book, Sara's Stamping Techniques, by Sara Naumann available from Bella Crafts Publishing.  I did receive a copy of this eBook free of charge in exchange for an honest review of the book.  My thoughts and opinions are totally mine.  I'm going to also mention that as of the writing of this post, the book is on sale along with other books published by Bella Crafts.

I think the book is wonderful!!!  Sara does a fabulous job of covering the basics of stamping including videos.  She then goes on to share lots of different techniques along with cards and complete directions.

This book is an excellent source for the beginning stamper but also contains techniques long time stampers would enjoy.  I found myself wanting to stop and do various techniques as I was reading through the book.  Some techniques I had never tried and others I'd forgotten about.  I've been stamping since 1999.

Following is a card I made partly while reading Sara's book and finishing it once I'd finished the book.  I used a stamp and stencil from Sara's PaperArtsy line of stamps and stencils (specifically ESN11, ESN24 and PS091). 

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