Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Circle Journal #7

Hello!!  Back in September I worked in the 7th journal for this round robin.  The journal is hand shaped and belongs to Debs Wainwright.  It also has these extra papers between the hands.  Fun!!!!

I didn't take any notes so I'll skip the play by play of what I did and just mention a few things.  The brick was done by putting ink through a stencil and then using embossing powder.  Other stenciling was done with paste and/or paint.  All paint is PaperArtsy Fresco Finish.  I've also done some stamping with paint.  There are infusions in the background of the in-between paper and the right hand.  "Bloom" is stenciled with black paste and then dotted with, I think, a glittery gel pen. There is other doodling with both black and white pens.  

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Turid said...

Wow, the owner of this book must be so pleased with your entry.