Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Art Journal Play

I felt like finishing a page - I have so many started.  This page already had various colors of Fresco Finish paint on just randomly (using up paint from other projects) and it was stamped with Ellen Vargo's scratchy circle stamp (PaperArtsy #EEV02) with snowflake Fresco Finish.  I added some pieces of tissue tape and then used my finger to add some more paint here and there in colors that matched what was already on the page.  Next I stenciled the flower heads (PaperArtsy Lin Brown stencil #PS005) with Fresco Finish paint using the bump technique which doesn't really show so much since I drew black lines around the flower petals with a bold Pitt pen.  The stem and leaves are painted freehand with black lines drawn with a Pitt pen.  White dots are added with a Sharpie paint marker.  I added some scallops in two places.  I actually painted them first in pink but then decided to go over them with yellow, drew around them with a Pitt pen, then with a Stabilo All pencil going over the pencil with a waterbrush dried it and added white dots and the inside swirl with the Sharpie paint marker.  Punched the butterfly from some soft corrugated packing material, added snowflake paint, glued it to the page and shaded around it with the Stabilo All pencil.  Circled some of the words on the tissue tape with the Sharpie.  Added white paint to the edges of scrabble times to spell play and glued them to the page.  


Linda Ward said...

Beautiful journal page.

I'm a Little Teapot said...

You totally rock the mixed media projects. Love the scrabble blocks!