Monday, May 5, 2014

You're Never too Old....

So after yesterdays card I had this pretty paper with a fancy hole cut in it that I just couldn't throw away.  I trimmed it down to a nice rectangle and used it as a frame for the sentiment on this card.  I again used one of QF's new stamps.  It is stamped with Archival Ink magenta hue onto white cardstock.  I glued the frame over it and trimmed the white cardstock even with the frame rectangle and then cut another white piece to layer to... this was much easier than trying to trim to an even border.  I added an edge to both layers with Metallic Distress Paint tarnished brass.  I used another piece from the package of Nestabling... before putting it on, I used my finger to gently rub Distress Paint tarnished brass over the tops of the black crystals... it looks fabulous in person.  Some pink twine, a paper flower, and a black crystal again rubbed with paint are the embellishments and everything is stuck to a folded purple card.

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