Monday, February 18, 2013

Use Your Words Workshop Lesson 2

 This page is based on Carolyn Dube's Use Your Words Workshop, the second lesson.  This is a free workshop, you have access for life, and you can sign up anytime.  The layout of the page is totally lesson, not my own .  When I started I was in the mood for some texture so I added crumpled tissue paper to my page first leaving an open area for writing my list.  The stenciled thanks isn't so crisp because of the texture, which was fine.  I didn't do so well keeping my spraying down in the right bottom corner and because of the overspray onto thanks I thought it faded just bit so I added the black outlines.  A while back I got a few colors of Viva Inka Gold and hadn't used any yet so took the color old gold and highlighted some of my texture which also gave me metallic highlights as the page moves in the light.

I don't have a very big selection of heavy bodied paints so had to mix for colors and after I was done stenciling I had this on my craft sheet and thought it looked pretty cool so took a pic....

and because why waste the paint I turned to another page in my journal, sprayed on some water, and then brushed the colors of paint over my page.  This will be fun to finish!!!!

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