Saturday, April 23, 2011

Thank You... and Blogger Information

A couple of weeks ago I was part of a blog hop for Quietfire Design and learned something about Blogger during that time.  Our team for the hop was talking about comments and such and I mentioned that when I receive an email for a comment that someone left on my blog that I always reply to that email.  Someone else was saying that most of the comments they couldn't reply to and I said almost all of my comments had names on them, just a very few were anonymous... I was told to check further :-))  So I looked into some of my emails from comments and when I clicked on properties the email address given after the person's name was   Uh-Oh!!!!  This meant that even though when I hit reply to the email and there was a name in the "To:" spot, my email was actually going to No-Reply Land never again to be seen by human eyes :-((  We did more checking and even a couple of my teammates were No-Reply comments so we proceeded to figure out how to change that... and I thought I would share that in case you would like to be able to receive replies.  When you are on your dashboard page, on the left one choice is "Edit Profile"... if you go in there, the 3rd thing down the list is "Show my email address"... there is a box to the right and if you click on it, it puts a checkmark in the box... then you go all the way down to the bottom and click the "
Save Profile" box.  For us, this fixed the problem (although one teammate had to do it twice or else it just took a little bit of time to show the change when she left a comment)... then when I checked the properties of the email when they left me a comment, it had a real email address listed.... I replied and they got the reply email.  

So for those of you out there that often leave comments on my blog and have never heard back from me... I have replied to every single comment, they just flew to No-Reply Land instead of going to you.  If you have asked a question while leaving a comment and didn't hear from me... I really did respond, you just didn't get the email.  I'm soooooooooooo sorry!!!

All that said..........  I wanted everyone to know how THANKFUL I am for you!!!!!  and for comments left on my blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I really appreciate them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  


Netty said...

You always email me Wanda and I thank you but there is really no need as I love visiting your blog when time allows. Annette x

Turid said...

same goes for me. I will however try to figure out how to make the changes one fine day, so I get your replies.
Have a great day, love ya!