Friday, November 21, 2008

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I've been tagged by Gayle Page-Robak, A Stamper's Touch. Gayle is a sweetie and we go way back to when I first got the internet and looked for rubber stamping groups.... I joined a group called The Rubber Buddies and she was there. I also remember buying wonderful fibers from her back then and, of course, her little bag... still use that everytime I emboss.. well I did use one up and start a second, but they last a long time. Take time to visit Gayle's blog... she hardly misses a day posting new art.

I'm supposed to share some obscure facts about myself... really very hard to do....

1 - Some people know this and others don't but my husband has a welding shop and when things are extra busy or we are short on help, I do weld. I've been forced at times to actually share pictures to prove this and did just that for Charlotte of ggDesigns recently and gave her permission to post those pictures on her Etc. page, you can see it here.

2 - The older I get the more I don't like cooking and baking.

3 - When we moved into the country I couldn't wait to have a garden, but after 2 years I gave it up as I hated working in the garden even if the produce was very yummy.

4 - I did however keep the large strawberry patch a couple of more years but eventually let that go to... I'd much rather make cards than pull weeds.

5 - I create better when things are cleaned up and fresh.. I can't stand a mess unless there is just no choice, it's clean or meet a deadline... the deadline must come first...

6 - I HATE being late for anything or when going somewhere... although I've even fallen short on that the past 6 months because things have just been so crazy around here with remodeling and other things.

There... I did it... wasn't as hard as I thought once I got going. There are many, many, many blogs out there to visit and you can find several along the right hand side of my blog.... I'd recommend time for each and every one.

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