Sunday, May 4, 2008

Soffit Air Venting

Last Monday I shared this atc that used an altered piece of soffit air vent on it and I had some people ask about the venting and what it looked like before I started so I've taken some pictures to share. I also asked my husband about the stuff so I could give you a little more info. There are different kinds of venting you can get and the stuff we are using comes in 8 ft sections.

This first picture shows just part of an 8 foot piece.

And here is an even closer picture.

Here I've cut off one section from the end.

Cut off the wide parts at each end.

Now you just pull the ends around into a "fan" shape.

And lastly you use a hammer to get everything to lay flat working with it so the pieces are spaced evenly.


Lindart said...

Kids are so clever, aren't they? I love it!

okanagan_spirit said...

Love the ATC Wanda and would never have guessed where in came from. Thanks for showing what it looked like before the transformation.

MarysMadness said...

I love it when people think outside the box!