Tuesday, March 11, 2008

And the winner is..................

Well, no one actually hit the nail on the head with what I did with the stencils but I've decided to have the give away anyway and entered everyone that left a comment. I used a random number generator to pick the winner and it is lindart!!!! Woohoo!!!

So just what did I do you ask :-)) I layed down the stencil on white cardstock and using a sponge dauber applied microglaze through the stencil. Put the dauber on your finger, dab it in the microglaze, dab it on a piece of scratch paper to be sure you don't have any clumps when you start and begin sponging it through the stencil (add more microglaze to the dauber as needed). Start in one area and work your way across the stencil - Don't go back and sponge again once an area has begun to dry. Remove the stencil. Then either sponge or spray on your color, blot up the extra off of the microglazed areas and dry with the heat tool.

Heart - after the microglaze was applied I sprayed the piece with water, sprayed Adirondack color wash onto a cosmetic sponge and dabbed it over the heart allowing it pool wherever it wanted (I did not blot this one off, the color ran right off of the microglaze).

Tree - after the microglaze was applied I sprayed it with water and then with diluted color wash espresso also sponging some on.

Last atc - after the microglaze I sprayed on 2 colors of color wash, blotted the piece, dried it, flicked on some water, let it set a little bit and blotted again, redried it, layed on the stencil in another spot and sponged some ink through it, added the torn music paper sponged with ink, and also stamped a couple of flourishes.

(If you missed the post this is referring to, scroll down to the "Fun With Stencils - Give Away")

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Lindart said...

Thanks so much Wanda! I had no idea what microglaze was so I looked it up, it's from Judikins, kind of a wax. I hope I can find some here, it looks loke a great product! There's a webisode on how to use it on the Judikins site.
Thanks again for your generosity Wanda!