Monday, July 8, 2019

A Month of ATCs (that's 30)

Hello Friends!!!!!!!!  Long time no blog!!  Over two months since my last post.  It's been busy.  Lots of time working in the shop and lots of time with the grandbabies.  This picture of Lola and Daniel was taken about a month ago when everyone was here at the same time (so they were both about 4 months).  They are growing so fast!!!  We usually get to see them each at least once a week, sometimes more.  

Here they are towards the end of February, so just a few weeks old. 

I do get in some creative time and post quite a bit on Instagram (and FB).  It just seems harder to make time to write a blog post.  I'll try to do better.

There was a challenge for the month of June, #atcad2019, that my daughter was interested in and wanted me to play along also.  We were to make an ATC (artist trading card) every day for the month of June.  I got behind at times but always managed to catch up and actually did 30 ATCs.  (for anyone that doesn't know, and atc is the size of a sports card, 2 1/2" x 3 1/2")  These are all posted on my Instagram account, many with additional process/supply pictures.  Here I'll just share the finished atc with no additional details but I'm totally happy to answer any question you might have.  I gave myself an additional challenge when I started.  That was to start every atc with an already made (or started) background.  I have piles and files and boxes of background play that need to get used.  It also would save a bit of time.  I must say though, it was hard at times.  I love making backgrounds and sometimes I'd think, "oh, I should try this; or play with that" but I'd rein myself in an choose something already done.  Many times I did build upon the started background though, adding more layers... fun stuff!!!  And I truly did have fun doing the challenge!!!

Here they all are in chronological order, Days 1 thru 30.

(not seen in the pic - the white die cut flower is covered in Distress Rock Candy Dry Glitter)


Holly said...

Absolutely fabulous Wanda! And babies, so adorable. Enjoyed this post so much. Happy Summer!

sarascloset said...

Wow! Now I need to go back and soak it all in, starting with those babies!

sarascloset said...

Well, you have been VERY busy, Wanda! So many wonderful designs to delight us with! Could I pick a favorite??? The short answer is NO, but quite a few of them really hit my buttons, like His mercies, the birds, the bee, Let it go (squeal!), simply amazing, make today count, together is the best place to be, and perfectly happy in the garden (except when it's this hot). Call me speechless! Oh, to be a butterfly on your craft room wall! Hugs!

sarascloset said...

PS I almost forgot the babies! How could I? So sweet, and my how they grow so quickly. You are doubly blessed! And PPS It looks like you have the makings for some current challenges: A Vintage Journey, for one!

Anita Houston The Artful Maven said...

What beautiful angels you have...grandmothering has got to be the best! LOVE the ATC's, especially the one with the two birdies!

butterfly said...

A completely fabulous collection of ATCs - bravo on completing the challenge, and double bravo on your clever idea to use up backgrounds which were already done and hanging around. That's such a great way to work through those boxes of paper scraps we all have!!

Lovely to e-meet your grandchildren too - they're beautiful!
Alison x