Friday, January 22, 2016

A Loving Heart

Hello and Happy Friday to you!!!!!!!  Back on Monday I had THIS project on the PaperArtsy Blog and today I'm sharing what I did with that heart I used as a mask.

I used all Fresco Finish Paint & Glaze except when stamping and then I used Archival Ink.  All stamps are from PaperArtsy.  So first I painted over the grungepasted heart with Blush but changed my mind and repainted it with Orchid.. let that dry and then glazed it with a mix of Snowflake & Gloss Glaze... walk away for a minute to let the glaze sit but then got distracted and was gone for a few minutes... wiped it back using a baby wipe and had some spots that were dry and didn't wipe so well but I actually REALLY like how it looks.  I stamped over this with with a script stamp (ESN11) using Watering Can ink.  Last week I had made a card using a napkin and the white separated layer was laying there so I used it instead of tissue paper to stamp the flower on (EDY11).  I stamped with Jet Black ink and then painted from the back with Lavender for the spots, China and Snowflake for the edges, Hey Pesto for the stems, and Cheesecake for the center around the spots.  I had to be much more careful when painted on the napkin layer as it is more delicate than tissue paper.  It also wanted to wrinkle more I rather like that for this project.  Once dry I flipped it over and added a little Wink of Stella Gl. Clear over the dots, let that dry, tore out the flower and glued it to the heart using Gloss Glaze.  After that dried I painted another coat of Gloss Glaze over the whole heart.  I wasn't sure what to do with it next... I knew I wanted words and had decided on what to use for that but wasn't sure if I should put the heart on a card or what so it actually sat for a couple of days.  I finally decided on a 6" x 8" canvas board and Golden's Fiber Paste.  I used a palette knife to put the paste on the board not bothering to put it in the center area but being sure the heart would be in it around all the edges.  I put down the heart pressing it down and pressing around all the edges which created a hump that I loved.  As the Fiber Paste was drying I would repress the edges to make sure they weren't lifting a little.  When the top was dry but the underneath wasn't I did press a little on the highest humps as I thought they were too much and then let it dry completely.  I made a really watery puddle of Cheesecake and painted over the Fiber Paste even spraying some water directly on it to help it spread.  I did not paint all the way up to the heart but let the paint just kind of flow that way and left some of the hump without paint.  The words (ESN11) were stamped onto a scrap of paper with Jet Black, cut out, glued to the heart and then Gloss Glaze brushed over them.  Around the edges of the canvas I've used Treasure Gold Silver and then Wink of Stella Gl. Clear.  

Be sure and click on the pictures for a closer look.


Tracey T said...

Another beautiful project, I need to find the gloss glaze, works so well xxx

Nan G said...

I love this heart! Such gorgeous texture. Need to find some fiber paste to play with now. Hugs to you Wanda, I do visit but have been unable to leave comments.

Dorothy Kovak said...

I love the simplicity and texture of this design. TFS

Trish said...

Another wonderful project! I love all the texture. Thanks for inspiring me this week x