Thursday, September 4, 2014

From the ends of the earth

A journal page in my scripture journal.  These pages are 5 1/2 x 8 1/2".   Yesterday after I had sprayed the flowers I used a #8 manila tag to pick up the excess color and then decided instead of throwing it in the pile or box I would use it right away and I also hadn't done a page in my scripture journal for some time and really wanted to.  
This page had some color on it, some from working on the other side of the page and some just randomly picked up.  The pages in this book are not very thick and I've been gluing 2 together for added strength but somehow hadn't done that before working on the other side of the page... so to give the page a little more umph I gessoed over this side right over all the splots of color that were already there and dried it.  My outside edge really needed even more strength and tape is a good choice.  I found this orange with white flowers tape in my drawer - it's not marked and I don't remember where it came from - but it was a good color match for the tag I was determined to use.  I had no plan here just did whatever popped in next.  I let the page sit and worked on the tag.  I stamped a PaperArtsy Ellen Vargo stamp across the tag with Archival Ink.... decided I wanted to use the quote stamp but since this is a scripture journal I also chose a scripture stamp (both are from Our Daily Bread Designs)... besides the tag could fit both but I also wanted them separate so tore the tag in half... doodled the edges with a Pitt pen.  
Back to the page.  I finger painted on some Fresco Finish (FF) limelight paint at the top and bottom coming down the left a little and up the right a little.  Then how about I make a border.  I grabbed one of Ellen Vargo's newest images and I was going to put a border at the top and bottom but then decided just the bottom. I stamped using Archival Ink jet black and then paint them in with London bus FF, went around the edges with a Sharpie paint marker, added some white dots to the insides and then black dots around the edges.  For the rest of the background I've used a variety of stamps (Ellen Vargo, Sara Naumann, JOFY), some Archival ink and some paint and some splattering of paint.  Really trying to just do and not think too much (hard for me).  When I thought it was enough I glued on the tag and then decided a flower would be nice to cover up the tag hole (originally I thought I might hand something but, nope).  

I love the quote!!!  It is sooooooooo true.  Looking to God doesn't mean everything is perfect and nothing bad happens, it just means we can have rest even in the midst of turmoil!!!  The scripture is a reminder that no matter where or when or what, God hears us and is always available!!

I'm also linking this to Poetry Journal Monthly.


Ruth L said...

Fabulous spread Wanda, loved the background and the flowers as well. Your sentiment is beautifully written, is it a stamp or is it your own handwriting?
xx, Ruth

Linda Ward said...

The page is very spiritually uplifting. Thanks.

Sueze said...

A really great page and thank for taking us on the journey as you made it Wanda.

Vic said...

Wonderful addition to your journal.

Quietfire said...

What a wonderfully bright cheery journal!