Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Journal Fun

This journal book was started at a class when I went to Stampaway in Ohio in 2012.  We didn't complete any pages, just did lots of different techniques anywhere in the book with the idea that something is started and we can come back anytime and work on a page that inspires us.  What was on this particular page is the black.  The technique was to take aluminum foil, crumple it, open it but not smooth it, paint it with black gesso, lay it on our page and rub either randomly or in a shape.  On this page I rubbed a flower. Of course you get some random blotches around also.  So the other day I just felt like working on this page.  I painted with a baby wipe Fresco Finish colors yellow submarine, beach hut, and tango.  Then I added brown shed through Wendy Vecchi's brick stencil and put some around the edge of the page using my finger.  I used a heavy bodied white acrylic to stencil the words (another Wendy Stencil).  I stamped in the background Wendy's mesh background image using her Archival potting soil.  There's part of another background image (basket weave) along the bottom with black Archival.  Then some flourishes (Wendy stamp) around the flower with Wendy's Archival fern green.  I picked a quote to use and to be sure if popped a bit more I first rubbed some white paint where I wanted to stamp it, dried it, and then stamped it with black Archival.  I then took a fine black Pitt pen and went around the edges of the word REAL.  Black pen around the edge of the page.  I wanted to do something with the flower and decided first to use a black fine point Sharpie paint marker and did scribbles around each petal and added dots of a yellow glitter Sharpie marker to the center and thought I was done, took pics and everything.  That picture is below.  Then at the last minute I decided that I should have used white around the flower and so did that and added more dots to the center of the flower also.  That is the picture above.  I really can't decide which I like better but it's white now and that's how it will stay.  

Thanks for looking and I'd love a comment if you have a moment.  Which do you like better?


Anita Houston The Artful Maven said...

Gorgeous color, and love the large flower! Wendy has great stencils....love the word use one!

lilyandthelotus.blogspot.com said...

This is beautiful. I never would have dreamed foil could be so pretty lol. I do love this page and I am happy you had the time to go back and finish it.
Love and hugs
susan s