Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Great Find

I thought I'd share this picture of our youngest son, Tim. He's 13 and 6' tall. Even though the wind was whipping sending wind chills to 15 below zero, he couldn't wait to get out and ride the 4-wheeler in the new foot snow we got yesterday and last night. Then he had to come in and show us his "Great Find" of really big icicles.


Elaine A said...

Hi Wanda -

Wow - those are really huge icicles! By the way, he sure looks like you!

Elaine Allen

Krista Hentges said...

lol leave it to my little brother to be out in the freezing cold just for excitement and icicles

Quietfire said...

Oh, that is so funny Wanda! I was just going to write that my younger son would be right out there with Tim, then I read Pod's comment - that would be exactly the kind of thing my older son would say about the younger!

What a cutie! Awesome icicles! I'll stick to the westcoast.... Brrrrrr, yes I'm a whimp.

Julie Ann said...

hehe- I thought you were going to name Tim as the great find!! :D

heavenlyacres said...

The funny thing is... this photo makes me miss Josh all the more. It looks like EXACTLY what Josh would be doing in this weather.
Thanks for posting the picture!

Cindy Cade said...

Hi Wanda and Happy New Year!
This picture sure brings back childhood memories for me. One of the thing I like about living in S. Ohio is the lack of snow now that I am older. But as a child living in MI finding these hanging from the gutters was always a delight and a bit of fun danger too getting them down. Sometimes they even touched the ground.
Thanks for the memories.