Tuesday, September 16, 2008

ggDesigns New Bird Stamps

Check out this new set of stamps from ggDesigns. I just love this bird and there is so much you can do with all these sizes available. I have more ideas in my head than I have time to use them right now :-)) Also check out the frame around them... you could leave it as a frame but I cut mine into 4 stamps that I can use for borders or to build backgrounds among other techniques. Currently this set of stamps is still on the early bird page of ggDesigns here and will probably be there until the end of this month. While it's listed on the early bird page you can get it for 15% off and we do all like a sale (p.s. there are also a couple of other sets currently on the early bird page).

This atc is the first thing I made with my new set of stamps. The background was done by stamping the border multiple times with various colors of VersaMagic ink. Then I stamped the crosshatch border partly on and partly off the cardstock with black ink on all for edges. The birds were stamped with black ink... I used the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th largest birds. White lines to simulate wings were added using the white Inkssential pen. For the words I stamped a border on a scrap and then wrote with an extra fine sharpie marker, cut them out, and edged them with black ink. This next atc is so cute. The girl image is from Collagevisions (ps. I just noticed she has a Bogo sale going on until the end of this month). I cut out the girl and then also cut up through her dress and along the top of her hand and arm. I cut a slit in the bird along the back of the head and the top of the body and this allowed me to slide the girl into the slit on the bird and the slit of the bird into the slit on the girl so now she looks like she is riding the bird. Cool, huh!! Color was added to the background with Colorbox pigment ink... specifically the cateye pads so that's why you see "points". Along the bottom I stamped a border image and then added the leaves rubon. Words were computer generated.
This last piece is a Twochie or Twinchie (I've seen them called both) meaning it's a 2" x 2" piece of art. This was done with the largest bird. I inked up the bird with pink Colorbox pigment ink, then inked up the circly border image with teal Colorbox pigment ink and pressed it a few times on the inked bird moving to new areas as I pressed avoiding the feet of the bird and then stamped it on white cardstock. Added color around the bird dtp with Colorbox pigment ink. Stamped the border image with teal ink. Added the dot to the eye with a fine tip black pen. Added the gold crown charm and then pink crystals on the tips of the crown. The words were hand written with a fine tip black pen.


Shirley said...

Wanda! You are so creative. All three cards are so wonderful. The Lean on me is priceless. That little baby on the bird with those words is just so cute~ and your Queen for a Day is just so wonderful!

trisha too said...

that stamp is adorable (reminds me of ankira cloth), and your atcs are cute, cute!

thanks for coming to "see" me--I'm kind of a lurker on Artists of the Round Table, but had no idea we had so much in common!


Kelly said...

those birds are adorable! love the bird art you have done!

Kristy C said...

those birds are adorable!!!

Left you an award on my blog :)